Life is beautiful but not always easy. It has problems too. The challenge lies in facing the problems with courage, letting the beauty of life act like a painkiller, and making the pain bearable during trying times by providing hope. Day and night, victory and defeat, happiness and sorrow are simply two sides of the coin. Similarly, life is full of moments of pleasure, joy, success, and comfort punctuated by defeat, misery, problems, and failures. On Earth, no human being is powerful, strong, wealthy, or wise who has not experienced struggle, suffering, or failure. In the book entitled, The Shadows of Sawtooth Ridge by Bernie McAuley, an American Prisoner of War returns home after the Vietnam War only to find that his life has changed drastically. Many of his life’s norms are in jeopardy, and his recurring nightmares are also in the way, making his life unbearable. 

Undoubtedly, life is beautiful, and every moment is a celebration of being alive. However, a person should always be ready to face challenges and adversities. An individual who has not encountered difficulties in life can never achieve success. Difficulties test a person’s courage, perseverance, patience, and authentic character. And overcoming challenges are a part of everyone’s lives, and while some may face more difficulties, others may face less tough challenges. Having a never-quit attitude is primary to overcoming difficult situations. Below are some qualities that will help you overcome challenges, making you solid and ready to face life with equanimity.  

Quality #1: Concentrate. To cope with a problem, solve a problem, and overcome some difficulties, you need to concentrate on them. Yes, this is not an easy task. But doable. To concentrate on something, you need to put things in order in your head. Throw out all the useless thoughts that create noise from it, streamline your thinking, sort everything out, and then carefully and consistently begin to study your problem, or better to say, the task. If you do not know how to? Then L-E-A-R-N. It is within the power of each person.  

Quality #2: Tell Yourself that You Can. It would help if you used the challenge to bring out the best in you. It is time to analyze the problem clearly and look for a solution. Be determined that you will not fail, no matter what happens. Having this mindset, you can easily win over any situation.

Quality #3: Stay Calm and Focus. Most people lose their cool and get stressed in severe problems and dire situations. At this time, you should recollect your qualities and focus and stay calm. Folks, getting panicked will not help you in any case. It is time to relax and take a deep breath and think about the problem with a free mind in a bad situation.

Quality #4: Have faith and be confident in yourself. One way to overcome your challenges you must have faith and confidence in yourself. Consider all possibilities of solving the problem and use the maximum of your efforts. People in this world face more terrible situations than you do, and they even overcome their challenges. Challenges are often complicated and can be solved with firm determination and a positive attitude.

Quality #5: Work on Your Goal. Many people think about past adverse events and the worst if they fail. As a result, they lose their energy in such thoughts and get an inferiority complex. So do not label yourself as a failure and work towards your goals.

Quality #6: Acceptance. Those who think that good times last forever easily yield to pressure during difficulties. They do not put in the required hard work and effort because they break down quickly. Hence, life should not be just a bed of roses. Thorns are also part of it and should be accepted by people just as one accepts the awesome side of life. The thorns remind humanity of how success and happiness can be elusive. Instead of feeling disheartened and disappointed, remember that the pain of thorns is short-lived; and the beauty of life would soon overcome the jab of thorns. In addition, those under the impression that life is one big bed of roses are disillusioned soon and become victims of frustrations and depression. Those individuals who face difficulties with courage and accept success without letting it go to their head are the one who experiences real contentment, happiness, and peace in life.

The power to overcome your life’s challenges lies in your mind and willpower. Remember, no one else can take you to the path of success or solve your problems. This is called unconscious competence. It happens when everything turns out as it should without any tension.

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